Income Protection Insurance

With good quality advice you can protect your income and your livelihood.

Income protection insurance is:

  • Designed to cover essential outgoings and pay your bills if you can’t work
  • Protect against accident & sickness, unemployment or all three
  • Get a tax free monthly income of up to 60% of your total annual income

We are a local income insurance broker with access to the whole market and our advisers have many years of experience helping people just like you.

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How to get the right cover:

  • Talk with an adviser
  • Ask questions
  • Get answers
  • Get quotes

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If you’re not sure how much cover you may need, use our handy income protection calculator.

We have access to the whole market so we can compare all of the available options and help you get cover tailored to your needs.

Important! – If income cover isn’t set up correctly it might not help you when you need it and that could spell disaster.

Whether you are self employed or employed, we help you get it right.

All occupations and trades considered.

Whatever your circumstances, cover can be tailored to fit your needs and your budget.

If you are self employed you may need cover to start paying you straight away. If you are employed the cover can be set up to start paying when your sick pay stops.

What would you do if your income stopped?

It is estimated that the average British household only has a 26 day gap from ‘deadline to breadline’ and for working age families that comes down to just 11 days!

  • How long would your savings last?
  • Would your home be at risk?
  • If you get sick pay, what happens when it stops?
  • Could your family cope on £72.40/week?

Employment Support Allowance pays £72.40/week for 13 weeks then up to £108.15/week (source:

Income Protection can provide a solution.

Why worry about money and your health?

If you are self employed you wont receive sick pay and you will have to rely on your savings straight away and even if you are employed your sick pay may only last a few weeks.

Any extended period of illness or a lengthy recuperation from injury could have a serious impact on your health and your wealth.

Income Protection takes away the worry of facing potential financial ruin when things are already bad enough.

Additional features of Income Protection:

  • Claim as many times as you need to throughout the term of your policy
  • Claims are paid Tax Free
  • Cover is available to age 70
  • Your policy can be tailored to fit your circumstances & budget
  • Keep savings intact for you and your family
  • Cover up to 60% of your gross income (before tax)
  • Cover can kick-in immediately or when sick pay stops
  • Get a replacement income until you return to work
  • Suitable for Employed & Self Employed workers

We can walk you through the main features and benefits of the available options and tailor a solution to fit your requirements.

Contact us to discuss your options or submit your details to request a quote.

Income Protection Calculator

If you are unsure how much cover you need then please use our cover calculator as a guide. Add in a monthly amount for each of your outgoings you would like to protect. The amount of cover you may need is automatically calculated in the Total Cover Needed section at the bottom.