Pilot Life Insurance – Commercial, Recreation, Helicopter & Student Pilots

Pilot life insurance and much more.

We can help with the following cover:

  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Income Protection
  • Private Medical Cover

We also have access to group Loss of Licence Cover.

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Don’t be disadvantaged in your quest for adequate pilot life insurance.

Whether you fly as part of your occupation or purely for recreation our advisers have experience finding competitive life insurance for pilots flying a variety of aircraft including commercial jets to micro-lights and everything in between.

Many of our clients pay the standard price for their cover.

We diligently research the mainstream market to find you the right cover for your unique circumstances and use specialist insurers for unusual situations.

Pilot Life Insurance

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We work for you, not the insurance companies.

Because we don’t represent any insurance companies we can work to your unique requirements and find a suitable solution from the market based on the highest quality of cover.


Mr. T. – “I just want to say thanks for getting me such a tremendous deal on my life insurance. Thanks to my job, I was given some quotes as high as £160 per month, which is just crazy and it looked like I couldn’t really cover myself properly and I was worried about my family in the event of my death. But the adviser kept on the case for an amazing 4 months and now I’ve got exactly what I wanted for less than a quarter of the previously best quote from a nationally known insurer. So I now tell my friends that if you want to pay through the nose, just phone up the number of any insurance company. If you want someone on your side who knows the business and you want the absolutely best deal, call County Financial Advice. Thanks again.”

Mr. K. – “Thank you for your assistance during the whole time piecing this jigsaw together much appreciated. I shall certainly recommend you to others if they are looking for relevant insurance.”

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Commercial or recreation – Fixed or rotary wing.

Our clients include private jet pilots working overseas, search & rescue helicopter pilots, offshore transport pilots as well as airline pilots, student pilots, instructors, glider pilots and fixed and rotary wing recreational pilots.

With our experience we know where to turn for a number of straightforward situations and our team of researchers will search the market to find solutions for more unusual and complex cases.

Don’t assume you will pay more.

Depending on the cover you require, the choice of insurance company can vary according to the type of aircraft you fly, qualifications held, where you fly and the number of hours flown per year.

Insurers don’t all treat pilots in the same way and where one may increase the price others may not.

We speak to the insurers about your situation to find out what they can offer without the need to submit a lengthy application.

Using an adviser with experience and the ability to research your options based on your specific circumstances can save you time and improve your chances of being accepted.

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