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It is becoming increasingly popular for discerning investors to carefully consider the impact of investment choices on the world and make more ethical decisions.

In response to demand, more ethical investing options are available to conscientious investors like you.

We care a great deal about the future of this world and the prosperity of our clients which, makes us eager to help you invest ethically, intuitively and with the confidence that our interests are aligned with yours.

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Our independent advice gives you access to tried-and-tested mainstream ethical funds that have grown and improved through years of developing successful, ethical investing principles.

For a more bespoke, tailored solution we have access to prestigious investment firms that have been looking after people’s money for generations.

It is truly rewarding to know your money is working hard while being put to good use and having a positive impact.

Your journey with us:

  • We devote as much time with you as we need to help us understand your goals and aspirations
  • Together we review your current provisions to see if they are on-track to meet your objectives
  • A careful assessment of your ethical preferences will help us prepare a suitable recommendation
  • Regular reviews aim to keep everything on track and in-line with your preferences

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Historically, ethical investing merely excluded a selection of business sectors including tobacco, alcohol, gambling and weaponry.

More recently, ethical investing has shifted away from just excluding undesirable business activities and now seeks to include positive and sustainable companies.

Over the years’ it has become impossible to ignore the impact human activity has on the world and as a consequence, investors have started to turn their backs on fossil fuels, mining, oil & gas exploration, nuclear power, animal testing & factory farming.

Technology has advanced the development of renewable energy creating a much wider investment choice in this sector.

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