Life Cover

Life Insurance (more accurately known as Life Assurance) is one of the most important and well known types of cover.

It is easy to understand why it is needed and it is often low cost compared to other methods of providing financial protection for your family.

For the sake of a few pounds (£) per month why shouldn’t you leave your family with the money they need for a better life?

Life Insurance is Simple – isnt it?

Not necessarily. A policy can be: level, decreasing, index linked, term, whole of life, convertible, be placed in trust, include waiver of premium, pay a lump sum, pay a monthly amount…

Not to mention the value added benefits from each insurer and the different way they view common health problems.

This is why we believe good advice is essential.


The numerous ways insurance can be set up allow a policy to be tailored to meet a variety of needs.

Family protection

Mortgage & debt protection

Maintenance protection

Business protection

Inheritance tax cover

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