Medical Conditions

Existing medical conditions and even family medical history can have an affect on the cost and the availability of insurance.

A serious or severe condition could increase the price or cover could even be turned down.

But not always.

Different insurance companies treat different conditions differently.

What we do: Before any applications are submitted we can speak directly to insurance underwriters (the people who make the decisions) about your situation to find out what cover might be available.

We’ll need to know the name of the condition, when it was diagnosed, how severe it was/is and how it affects you.

We take as much information as you can give us and use it (anonymously) to approach insurance companies on your behalf.

  • If you’ve been turned down elsewhere we might still be able to help.
  • If you are already paying more for your cover we might be able to find a competitive alternative.

Some medical conditions are more common so we already have a good idea which companies to approach.

Regardless of your condition, we can research the market for you.

Our experienced research team can save you time by using their knowledge of the market to thoroughly investigate your options.

Once our research team has contacted mainstream and specialist insurers we will present you with our recommendations.

Any applications would still be medically underwritten based on the answers given on the application. The insurance company may write to your GP for further information. This could affect the outcome of a decision.

Speak to one of our advisers today and see how we can help you.